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Treadmill Manufacturer Prosecuted in Guangdong Province

A treadmill manufacturer has been prosecuted in Guangdong Province for failing to provide adequate safety for users of their products.

The case was first brought to our attention when a Mr Zhang Wei was researching online for the best treadmill and came across a review for the CP18193 which noted the dreadful built-in safety features.

After looking into the specs further, it was noted that the manufacturer of the CP18193 failed to include:

  • Emergency stop buttons
  • No siderails
  • Poor build quality

At the same time, the treadmills were being independently investigated by British Trading Standards who noted that there were serious issues with the product and that the manufacturer had flaunted British import laws on a number of occasions.

As such, the manufacturer has had to issue a product recall notice in both Great Britain and the United States.

What To Do If You’ve Already Purchased

If you’ve already purchased one of the affected items you should contact the retailer that you purchased it from who will collect the faulty item and issue you with a refund.

It’s important not to use the item as it has serious safety issues.

Why should you hire a lawyer for adoption?           

Are you planning on adopting children of your own? If you are, you should know that the legalities that are involved with adopting a child are extremely complex. And it would take more than just signing the adoption papers to become a guardian of an adopted kid. You have got to deal with a lot of complexities in the courts when you are dealing with adoption. And it could get even more complicated if you are adopting a child from outside the country since you would also have to deal not only with the family court but with immigration law as well. So as you can see, it would be extremely crucial that you hire a lawyer to help you expedite your adoption process. There are actually a lot of reasons why you have got to consult with an attorney if you are planning to adopt a child.

Any kind of complication that can occur in the adoption process can be prevented if you hire an adoption lawyer in the first place. This is because an adoption lawyer would know all of the in, outs, and requirements in adopting a child. They could pre-emptively ensure that everything is in good order and all of those requirements are met so that any kind of complication in the future will not happen. If you want your adoption process to go smoothly, then you have got to hire an adoption lawyer.

An adoption lawyer is not only someone who will deal with the documents and legal papers of your case, they would also serve as your guide throughout the adoption process. With the advice of your adoption lawyer, you would know the right steps to take if you are going through the adoption process for the first time. Thus, your adoption process is also going to be much shorter if you decide to ask a lawyer for help. They would point you in the right direction and let you know all of the steps that you must take, ahead of time, to successfully adopt a child.

With the help of an adoption lawyer, you could also get legal and binding consent from the birth parents of your adopted child, the medical staff involved with the birth of your child, and any other person that is affiliated with your adopted child as well. You would need to get the legal consent of those people, because if you did then you would have full custody of your child.

You must also hire an adoption lawyer if you want your adoption application to be successful. An adoption lawyer would know how to make your application look good, especially if you want your adoption request to be approved by the proper authorities. They could help you build up your case, and also help you work on any current issues with your adoption application, to ensure that the highest chances of success are going to be yours whenever you are applying for an adoption of a child. You must leave your adoption application’s success on getting approved or not solely in the hands of other people. You have got to let an expert adoption lawyer, help you handle your adoption application as well.

7 qualities you have got to look for in a divorce lawyer 

Are you trying to find a lawyer to represent you in your divorce case? That is easier said than done! There are a lot of family attorneys who are offering their services, but not all of them would be your best option. You have got to choose a family attorney that has got these following qualities.

  1. Expertise – You have got to find a lawyer that is specifically an expert on family law. And if you are hiring a lawyer for your divorce case, it would also be better to hire one that also specializes in divorces as well. This is because a lawyer that specializes in family law will know all of the ins and outs of your specific case. They would know how to deal with the dividing of the assets between the two spouses, the likelihood of the custody of the child being awarded to which parent, and even the amount of child support that a certain parent has to pay.
  1. Experience – You should try and find a lawyer that has dealt with a lot of divorces in the past. If they have got a lot of experience with divorce cases, then they will almost have more knowledge about family law as well.
  1. Negotiates– Divorce is all about negotiations. And a good lawyer must be open to negotiations from your spouse’s side. If a lawyer advises that you negotiate with your spouse during a divorce, then that is usually a good sign.

  1. Sincere – Your lawyer must also be sincere because after all, they are working for you. And if they sincerely care about you, then they would work harder to protect your interests in court.
  1. Perceptive – A good divorce lawyer has got be perceptive so that they can look at both sides of the cases. They must be perceptive so that they can objectively see both sides. A more perceptive lawyer would help you understand your chances of getting what you want in your specific divorce case.
  1. Analytical – Ideally, your divorce lawyer must be analytical so that they can come up with a good strategy for your specific case. This is because not every divorce case would go the same, as it would be dependent on a lot of factors, such as the disposition of the judge handling the case. So a lawyer must analyze which kind of strategy to employ for a specific case.
  1. Good judgment – You must also try and find a lawyer that exercises good judgment. Lawyers have to deal with massive amounts of detail and information with each case that they get. And that gets doubled for family attorneys who have to deal with divorce cases. And to be able to sift through that information and determine which ones are worth paying attention to, they have got to exercise good judgment.

Remember to look for all of these qualities, if you are looking for a divorce lawyer that you can hire. You must choose your lawyer quite carefully, as the end result of your divorce case may hinge entirely upon your lawyer. So if you want to get custody of your children, or want a more fair deal on the division of your assets, you have got to find a family attorney to help you with your divorce case.

4 legal tips for people going through a divorce

Divorce can be a rough thing to go through. You may not feel like doing anything, but you have got to take a few actions whenever you are going through a divorce. You could try to follow these tips, especially if you do not know what to do in the event of a divorce. If your spouse has filed the divorce papers already, and they are determined to go through with it, then you must not waste any time at all. You have got to plan out your next moves quite carefully, especially if you do not want to get the end of the short end of the stick after your divorce has been processed by the courts.

  1. Find a lawyer

The first thing that you should do is to find a divorce attorney. A lawyer that specializes in divorce or family law should your first choice. This is because that kind of family law attorney is going to help you a lot in your personal divorce case. You would get a better deal in the end because that kind of lawyer could help you out with your child custody, spousal support, and etc. If do not want to get a bad divorce deal, you have got to talk with a lawyer to help you build up your case.

  1. Divide your joint assets

If you have got any kind of joint assets at all, such as stocks, you should divide it with your spouse. You could call your lawyer or broker to let them know that you plan on dividing any joint assets that you have.

  1. Close your joint loan and bank accounts

You would not want your spouse to overdraw your bank account or go on a credit card spending spree. So you have got to close your joint bank accounts to protect yourself against that kind of thing. Legally, if they do spend money using your open joint account, then you would still be obligated to pay it!

  1. Inventory your assets

You may want to document all of your valuables and assets. By creating an inventory of your assets, you can use it as proof in the courts for the kinds of assets that you have. So it may be a good idea to photograph or video record all of your possessions. These could be your valuables, such as your expensive electronics, cars, jewelry etc. It would also be a good idea to secure your valuables in a safety deposit box or safe, to ensure that none of your valuables go missing.

Remember to follow all of these tips to the letter if you are going through a divorce right now. And if you are planning to file a divorce against your spouse soon, these tips could also be useful to you as well. You could use these legal tips and advice to help you plan out how you would go about your divorce process. And most of all, you have got to find a competent lawyer to help you with your divorce!

What you should know about getting child custody

When you are going through a divorce, and you have got kids, you would often worry about getting custody of your children. The legalities of child custody are more complicated than you would think. And children cannot simply choose which parent they would like to stay with. The court will weigh many different factors in determining which parent would receive child custody. So if you want to get custody of your kids, you have got to know your chances of getting it. You can get a better idea of your chances of getting child custody if you read this article.

One of the main factors that courts will look at is the relationship between the parent and the child. If a child is closer to you or your spouse, then the custody of that child would most likely be given to the parent with the better relationship with the child. So in a way, the court does look at the personality of the child and the parent, to determine which disposition and personalities would mesh well together. If a parent has got a personality that is better for the child, then they would have a higher chance of getting custody of that child.

The mental and emotional stability of the parent is also another important factor that courts will take a look at. If a parent has got any kind of past record with the law, then their chances of getting awarded custody of their children would be lowered. Courts will favor parents that have got a clean record with the law. There would be a higher chance of getting awarded custody of your child if you have got a history of mental and emotional stability. Conversely, you could also prove the inability of one parent to raise a child, if they have got a history of mental or emotional instability.

The financial capabilities of a parent are going to be another factor that the family court would also take a look at. Typically, family courts would award custody of the child to a parent that is more financially capable. However, that is not always the same thing in all family court cases. The more financially stable parent may be ordered to pay child support to the parent that gets awarded child custody. So you may want to get the help of a family attorney to help sort things out in family court.

If you would want to increase your chances of getting child custody, you can find a family lawyer. An attorney that specializes in family law would increase your chances of obtaining custody of your children. And if you get custody of your children, you would not have to pay child support to your spouse. And you would also ensure that your children are going to live with you as well. So as you can see, it is extremely important that you try and get custody of your child. And you would have the best chances of getting awarded custody of your children if you get an attorney that specializes in family law.