Treadmill Manufacturer Prosecuted in Guangdong Province

A treadmill manufacturer has been prosecuted in Guangdong Province for failing to provide adequate safety for users of their products.

The case was first brought to our attention when a Mr Zhang Wei was researching online for the best treadmill and came across a review for the CP18193 which noted the dreadful built-in safety features.

After looking into the specs further, it was noted that the manufacturer of the CP18193 failed to include:

  • Emergency stop buttons
  • No siderails
  • Poor build quality

At the same time, the treadmills were being independently investigated by British Trading Standards who noted that there were serious issues with the product and that the manufacturer had flaunted British import laws on a number of occasions.

As such, the manufacturer has had to issue a product recall notice in both Great Britain and the United States.

What To Do If You’ve Already Purchased

If you’ve already purchased one of the affected items you should contact the retailer that you purchased it from who will collect the faulty item and issue you with a refund.

It’s important not to use the item as it has serious safety issues.

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